EVAC Participates in Autism Patch Challenge
By Chief of Operations Nick Louros
April 7, 2017

As we all know, the month of April is National Autism Awareness Month, and if you live in Westchester County, you have probably noticed new colorful puzzle patches on your local emergency service vehicles. The Autism Patch Challenge was created by Det. Christopher Greco of the New Rochelle Police Department. Greco's son has autism, and his goal of the challenge was to promote autism awareness in every community throughout the county. Within a few weeks, the challenge became so popular that departments all throughout the country, including Texas and Florida, got involved. There's even a rumor that the Aruba Police Department has placed an order for their custom patch. According to their Facebook group, it's written, "On April 2, 2017 the world will celebrate World Autism Awareness Day and their primary goal is that on that day it is our hope that the world will see that America’s Police Departments joined forces to demonstrate its continued support and love for all those living with Autism."

This past Monday, April 3, members of Eastchester EMS teamed up with the New Rochelle Police Department, along with several other local emergency services agencies, to show support for the autism community. Over a dozen police, fire and EMS agencies headed over to the William B. Ward Elementary School to meet with students and hand out custom autism puzzle patches. Overall, the event was a great success, and we look forward to participate next year.

If any agency is interested in joining the challenge, they can reach out to The Cruisers Division, located at 420 Mount Pleasant Ave, Mamaroneck, NY 10543, or call 914-381-7700 to place an order. **Orders Can't Be Made by The General Public**

EVAC would like to thank Det. Greco for creating this great awareness challenge, and we will continue to help spread awareness, not only April, but all year round.

Hyperlinks: http://www.fios1news.com/lowerhudsonvalley/autism-patch-challenge-april-3-2017#.WOwxv2QrJO0