2018- A Year in Review
By Public Information Officer Max Goldberg
January 2, 2019

Each year Eastchester EMS proudly improves patient care through continued education, advancements in equipment and the addition of new personnel. 2018 was unprecedented for Eastchester EMS as we experienced the largest call volume since our founding in 1954. Clocking in 2,717 runs, Eastchester EMS averaged 7.4 runs a day. As you may have already guessed, the 911 system isn’t as conveniently spaced out as one might hope so there were plenty of days where our crews saw the daily call log running into the mid teens.

With an increased call volume over previous years, Eastchester EMS personnel provided more patient care than ever and their skills were put to the test. As a combined volunteer and paid agency, Eastchester EMS hosts a wide variety of EMS providers seamlessly working alongside one another to treat each patient in a timely fashion and with the patient’s best interest in mind.

Although certain calls are more frequent than others, there is never a routine day at Eastchester EMS. Earlier in the year our members responding to a motorcyclist down on the Cross County Parkway. Due to the severity of the crash and the way the operator fell, a complete amputation of the arm occurred. Thanks to the rapid deployment of a tourniquet by our EMTs and Paramedic, the operator survived. This is just one of many impressive calls we responded to in 2018. On six separate occasions Eastchester EMS crews were able to respond to a cardiac arrest call and successfully revive the patient. That means each of those six individuals have walked out of the hospital.

It is much harder to quantify the number of lives improved through our care, but we can confidently say our track record is something we are extremely proud of. From structure fires to football games, Eastchester EMS stands at the ready and is there for the community. We look forward to hearing from you throughout the year and wish you all a happy 2019.

If you are interested in following our journey through 2019, follow us on Instagram at @eastchesterems and don’t forget to check out our website www.eastchesterems.com if you are interested in joining a great group of emergency medical providers.

Stay safe,
P.I.O. Max Goldberg -EMT